Interior Design For Private & Commercial Commissions

設計總監 Design Director

陳文豪 Chen, Wen-Hao



誠砌設計有限公司 設計總監
Design Director of Ernest Chen Design Ltd.

Director of Chinese Society of Interior Designers

台灣室內設計專業技術人員協會 TNAID 理事
Director of Taiwan National Association of Interior Designers


1974 年台北市出生。
1997 年臺灣藝術專科學校美術工藝科設計組畢業。
2001 年進入楊子立建築設計事務所
2003 年進入陳德貴空間規劃設計公司
2008 年成立誠砌設計有限公司

作品遍及海峽兩岸,擅長處理大型商業空間與連鎖品牌規劃經營。重要個案包括任職期間協助陳德貴設計師完成重慶太平洋百貨,成都春熙太平洋百貨,重慶遠東百貨,天津遠東百貨,臺北忠孝SOGO百貨,桃園中壢SOGO百貨,臺北SOGO百貨復興館等大型商業空間設計規劃案。獨立執業後進行東森購物台總部大樓改裝、上海橘子工房連鎖餐廳設計規劃、安琪連鎖餐飲品牌集團Osteria by Angie義大利餐廳一店二店三店展店設計,瓦城泰統餐飲集團瓦城泰式餐廳、1010湘菜兩岸展店與規劃。饗賓企業品牌開飯川食堂,朵頤排餐館,形象規劃與展店設計。添好運連鎖餐廳展店規劃。

Chen, Wen-Hao was born in 1974 in Taipei City and graduated from National Taiwan College of Arts “Division of ArtsCraftsdesign”in 1997.2001 and 2003 being an assistant at Yang Tz-Li’s architectural design firm and ChenDe-Guei’sinterior design company.2008 Ernest Chen Design. Ltd was set up.

His works throughout Taiwan and China, and he’s specializing at “Large Retail Business Space Design” and “Catering Brand Business Planning”.Initial projects include assisting interior designer Chen-De Gui to design Taipei SOGO department store FUXIN, Pacific Department Store in Chongqing, Tianjin Far Eastern Department Store. After he practiced independent, he designed EHS office, Orange House chain stores in Shanghai, and help Angie chain stores catering brand business and TTFB COMPANY LIMITED, and 1010 restaurants business expanded. FEASTOGETHER COORPORATION,KAIFUN restaurant, and TimHoWan restaurant